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             Meet Owen Pelesh. 


Born and raised: Media, PA

Home: Hoboken, NJ


Degree: BA Theater, Concentration in Musical Theater

               Minor in Religious Studies

               Temple University

               summa cum laude


Likes: Literature, gin, country music, the beach, the American              Songbook, New York City, Philadelphia, Irving Berlin,

           exercise, beer, Mad Men, and the ocean. 


Dislikes: the Trump administration.









"The production showcases brilliant performances from Molly Denninghoff as Laura Warwick, Warren Kelly as Michael Starkwedder and Owen Pelesh as Jan Warwick. These actors as the frantic widow, unexpected guest and the victim's younger brother, respectively, play their characters as well as their characters' facades. They seamlessly switch motives with each entrance depending on whom occupies the stage." - Marshall Democrat News, Agatha Christie's The Unexpected Guest


"They're also the most impressive aspect of a production whose success depends on four sharp young actors...Eddie and Annie (Owen Pelesh and Rachel Diamond)" - The Philadelphia Inquirer, Over The Tavern 


"The Mechanicals, without a doubt, are infamously known as Shakespeare’s greatest comic relief. Slightly resembling the cast of Glee (that’s a compliment), the Mechanicals of Mauckingbird’s production were absurdly brilliant – or brilliantly absurd – and it works completely in their favor. Mix in a little slap-stick, some well-timed banter, and earnest confidence, and what emerges is sheer buffoonery at its very finest."

- Stage Magazine - Midsummer, BroadwayWorld Philadelphia Nomination, Best Ensemble in a Play

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